sthlm.js #7 @ Spotify

April 11, 2013 Published by Gabriel Bonander

We recently hosted the seventh sthlm.js meetup at our office and Paul Lewis of Google Chrome, Robert Nyman of Mozilla and our very own Mattias Petter Johansson graciously agreed to give talks about topics they each feel passionate about.

At Spotify we are all about openness and sharing, so we recorded the talks for you. Now those of you who couldn’t make it can still take part of the meetup retroactively.

We who work here make use of JavaScript and web technologies in all kinds of environments, so for us it was great to learn about what the future holds in these areas. Hope the rest of you will enjoy it as much as we did.

Without further ado – here are the recordings. Enjoy!

Functional reactive programming (FRP) is a declarative approach to GUI design. The term declarative makes a distinction between the “what” and the “how” of programming. A declarative language allows you to say what is displayed, without having to specify exactly how the computer should do it.

Mattias Petter Johansson

Tools not rules. Really, just that. As Jake Archibald said to me when I was preparing the talk, many people want a quick fix to the problem of performance, just like a weight loss pill, but in reality what they really need is exercise. I’m advocating for the practice of using profilers, understanding what our code is doing, and fixing our actual bottlenecks.

Feel free to check out the slides, but you will need to watch the video to see the “how to” bits.

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Paul Lewis

We live in a world of walled gardens in the mobile sector, with a few major players having control over a vast majority of it. What Mozilla aims to do with Firefox OS is bring a low-cost smart phone to emerging markets and people who have mostly only been having feature phones before. It’s also about offering an option to and empowering developers to reuse their existing HTML5 skills and mobile web apps to work on mobile phones, without the need to learn another programming language or environment.

Then, if you want to optimize your apps on Firefox OS, we are working on Open Web Apps [1] and a lot of different WebAPIs [2] to make the web layer a lot more powerful, and with the aim of getting them standardized and implemented by all players. To test all of this, we have a Firefox OS Simulator [3], in the form of an extension to Firefox.



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