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00: The most epic battle in music history

Setting the stage for an audio revolution. Guests: Sean Parker, Lars Ulrich, Matthew Ball, Daniel Ek.

Mar 11 · 41 min

01: How do you steal from a pirate?

The first Spotify product. Guests: Daniel Ek, Ludde Strigeus, Sophia Bendz, Michelle Kadir.

Mar 11 · 37 min

02: How do you charge for nothing?

The paid mobile app. Guests: Mattias Arrelid, Petra Hansson, Kenneth Park.

Mar 17 · 33min

03: This party's going to end

The new free tier. Guests: Sten Garmark, Charlie Hellman, Mary Meeker, Babar Zafar.

Mar 24 · 54 min

04: Human vs Machine

Editorial + Algorithmic = Algotorial. Guests: Tony Jebara, Ajay Kalia, Andrew Ng, Oskar Stål, Meg Tarquinuo.

Mar 31 · 49 min

05: When your winning bet becomes your losing bet

Moving to the cloud. Guests: Nicole Bouchard, Daniel Ek, Emil Fredriksson, Urs Hölzle, Tyson Singer.

Apr 7 · 48 min

06: Hardware is hard

Spotify Connect — a media protocol for speakers. Guests: Nicole Borrow, Thomas Cullen, Sten Garmark.
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07: What you get when you give it away

Backstage and our open source bet. Guests: Jeremiah Lowin, Pia Nilsson, Tyson Singer.
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08: How do you get into a new game — when you’re late

Podcasts — the first second product.
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09: Changing the game

Building the audio formats of the future.
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