Open Source

There’s never been a better time to take part in open source at Spotify. We don’t just want to contribute back to the community — we want to lead the way with projects we truly believe in. Jump into one of the projects below and join us.

Backstage. An open platform for building developer portals

Spotify’s internal version of Backstage is the central nervous system for all our infrastructure. It’s what our 1,600+ engineers use every day to manage 14,000+ software components. We open sourced the platform in 2020, so that any organization could build their own turbocharged developer portal. Backstage is a project in the CNCF Sandbox.

Klio. Smarter data pipelines for audio

When you work with a catalog of 60 million songs that grows by about 40,000 songs a day, you learn a thing or two about processing media. Klio is the result of that knowledge and experience. Built on top of Apache Beam and Python, Klio is an open framework that lets researchers and engineers work together to build pipelines for processing audio, video, and image files — efficiently and at scale. Read more

XCMetrics. Discover valuable insights hiding inside Xcode’s build logs

Which version of Xcode is slowest? Which hardware setup is fastest? Are your team’s build times getting better or worse? XCMetrics collects, displays, and tracks the build data inside your team’s Xcode logs to uncover all kinds of productivity-related insights. Made for iOS engineers by iOS engineers, the tool is written completely in Swift, making it natural to use and easy to customize. Read more

Pedalboard. Studio-quality audio effects at scale

Want to add some reverb or distortion to your music without using a digital audio workstation? With Pedalboard, all you need is a few lines of Python to programmatically manipulate your audio with an entire suite of studio-quality effects — and up to 300 times faster than other popular Python audio libraries. No music software required. Read more

XCRemoteCache. Cut down your iOS build times

True to its name, XCRemoteCache is a library that uses a remote caching implementation to significantly improve the length of local builds. By reusing Xcode target artifacts, XRemoteCache helped cut clean build times of our iOS app by 70%. What will it do for yours? Read more

Ruler. Measure and analyze Android app size

Shrinking download size improves app install conversion rates. Full stop. But measuring and minimizing app size, especially when working with a larger app with a ton of moving parts, isn’t easy. Ruler, a tool for measuring the size of Android apps, is here to help. Read more

Basic Pitch. A lightweight audio-to-MIDl converter

Built for artists and producers, Basic Pitch uses machine learning to identify the musical notes in a recording and transcribes them into MIDI. Unlike similar ML models, Basic Pitch is not only versatile and accurate, but also fast and computationally lightweight. Read more

Voyager. A Spotify-shaped nearest-neighbor search solution

Intended to succeed Annoy as Spotify’s recommended nearest-neighbor search library, Voyager combines the increased accuracy and speed from HNSW with well-tested, well-documented, and production-ready bindings for both Java and Python. Read more