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  • December 15, 2017

    Spotify Retro Kit

    Historically at Spotify there has been an Agile Coach attached to each team. That coach has, among other things, helped the team to improve their processes [...]

    Published by Martin Österberg
  • October 17, 2017

    TC4D: Data Quality By Engineers, For Engineers

    Changing an engineering culture is one of the biggest challenges for any organization. It requires challenging an existing way of working, and introducing compelling improvements [...]

    Published by Nitzan Blouin
  • March 29, 2017

    Dare to be different (part 2)

    Culture at Spotify My co-workers at Spotify often quote the famous Peter Drucker saying: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” And [...]

    Published by benjispotify
  • December 5, 2016

    First things first, Trust each other

    “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Ernest Hemingway Trust is the [...]

    Published by Spotify Engineering
  • May 13, 2016

    To Coach or Not to Coach?

    A little while back during a coaching book club, a few Spotify coaches started a discussion about a common pitfall [...]

    Published by Simon Nadav Cohen
  • February 15, 2016

    Spotify Technology Career Steps

    This is part two of a three part series on how we created a technical career path for individuals at [...]

    Published by Kevin Goldsmith
  • February 8, 2016

    Building a technical career path at Spotify

    Spotify launched a career path framework for individuals last year. Since then, I’ve spoken to leaders at several other companies [...]

    Published by Kevin Goldsmith
  • December 16, 2015

    A 101 on 1:1s

    “You just talk to them for half an hour.” That’s the guideline I got when I first joined Spotify for [...]

    Published by Simon Nadav Cohen
  • November 5, 2015

    How we do large scale retrospectives

    Foreword: This post was initiated by Andy Park, former agile coach here at Spotify. For years we’ve been experimenting with how to do “big [...]

    Published by Henrik Kniberg
  • September 20, 2014

    Spotify engineering culture (part 2)

    Here’s part 2 of the animated video describing our engineering culture. Check out part 1 first if you haven’t already seen it! [...]

    Published by Henrik Kniberg
  • April 11, 2014

    Qualities of Quality

    I’m currently on parental leave, which is something that leaves very little time for any concentrated work effort because your [...]

    Published by Petter Måhlén
  • March 27, 2014

    Spotify engineering culture (part 1)

    Here’s part 1 of short animated video describing our engineering culture. This is a journey in progress, not a journey [...]

    Published by Henrik Kniberg
  • November 21, 2013

    Personal development at Spotify

    This is an article describing how we see personal development at Spotify, especially within Technology and Product. We believe being [...]

    Published by Anders Ivarsson
  • June 4, 2013

    Incident Management at Spotify

    A few weeks ago Spotify had one of the biggest incidents in the last few years. It caused a major [...]

    Published by David Poblador i Garcia